From live theatrical productions to found objects, and everything in between, Skye Regan Photography has developed a reputation for producing quality, candid and artistic images.   With a diverse range of expertise, we're always striving to create versatile, captivating and memorable images.

Skye Regan Photography also offers a wide range of photography services that cater to a variety of clientele.  Developing from start to finish with each client - tailoring to individual needs and requirements - we shoot dynamic commercial creatives, documentary, wildlife, headshots, performance and more.  When you chose us, Skye Regan Photography is the limit!

If you are interested in booking a photographer for your upcoming event or are interested in purchacing fine art prints, drop us a line!

Skye is a wonderful photographer, with a keen eye and a unique approach. She creates a comfortable atmosphere for her subjects that can not be matched. And on top of all of that, she’s an unbelievably sweet individual as well with a heart of gold.
— Paul Kingston, Actor, Writer, Instructor
Skye is a wonderful photographer at live Improvisation events, many of which I’ve been involved in onstage or in the audience. She has a unique eye and a real gift for capturing the spontaneity of a moment or an expression - with great clarity and creativity. I would highly recommend her for your next live theatrical, musical or comedy event.
— Tracey Hoyt (ACTRA, CAEA), Director/Instructor at Pirate Voice
Skye Regan is a professional photographer with her own unique style of creativity and an artistic trademark all her own.
— Gene Abella, Actor & Comedian